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Trucking Accidents

Trucking Accidents

Thorough understanding of trucking law

Accidents involving large trucks are among the most serious and most deadly in the United States, inflicting terrible damage:

  • 12% of all traffic fatalities
  • Of those fatalities, 75% are occupants of other vehicles involved in the crash rather than the driver of the truck causing the accident
  • Large trucks are 23% more likely to be involved in multiple vehicle crashes than are passenger cars

The trucking and auto accident attorneys in Parkersburg at Dunbar & Fowler PLLC provide the in-depth knowledge of both state and federal commercial vehicle regulations required for effective handling of these cases.

Seasoned attorneys navigate a complex process

Trucking companies are required to follow federal motor carrier safety regulations for both their vehicle and their drivers’ hours of service. However, hours of service regulations are routinely violated, resulting in driver fatigue, a leading cause of truck accidents. Careful examination of records after an accident often reveals serious and sometimes even fraudulent violation of safety regulations. Putting knowledgeable legal representation on the case as soon as possible is important because the records may have a limited lifespan:

  • Trucking companies are only required to keep many of these records for six months
  • These records are important in proving the trucking company’s negligence
  •  It is critical to obtain these records before they are destroyed

The experienced injury attorneys at Dunbar & Fowler PLLC promptly do what is needed to build a sound case for the victim:

  • Preserve evidence
  • Investigate the accident in question
  • Enable physicians to evaluate any injuries thoroughly
  • Enable expert witnesses to evaluate the situation thoroughly

Without taking these steps, it is much more difficult to prove the trucking company’s negligence.

Help for trucking accident victims

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