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Those looking for a Washington County, OH, ATV injury lawyer can rely on Dunbar & Fowler PLLC. Riding on an ATV is awesome way to spend the day. That is one way that Washington County, Ohio, residents enjoy having fun. That does not mean, though, that it is danger-free.

Accidents can happen anywhere, and Washington County, Ohio is no exception. That is why you need Richard D. Dunbar and Daniel B. Fowler in your corner. They know what Ohio law, and what benefits you deserve. Contact our office today at (304) 863-8430 to schedule an appointment.

Legal Representation to Help Recover ATV Injury Damages

We know that recovering from an injury in an ATV accident can bring about tough times for you. This is why you need someone who will fight for your rights. All-terrain vehicles are a great way to have fun. While they may cover all terrains, crashes and rollover accidents occur. These can cause severe injury or even death. Consult with our lawyers for legal representation to help recover ATV injury damages.

Why Do ATV Accidents Generally Happen?

ATV accidents can happen for several reasons. Some occur due to negligence or recklessness of the driver. It could also be because of drunk driving or speeding. It may have been due to hill climbing, and vehicle rollover. ATV accident injuries create difficult times for everyone involved. Whatever the cause, our knowledgeable lawyers can help get you what you deserve. If you or someone you love was the victim of an ATV accident, do not wait. We can obtain the compensation to help you move on with your life.

Legal Help for ATV Injuries in Washington County, Ohio

Call us today when you need legal help for ATV injuries in Washington County, Ohio. We serve residents in and around Marietta, Belpre, Barlow, Vincent, Lowell, and Beverly areas. Our team takes great pride in listening to you providing superb client representation.

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