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When you need a motorcycle accident lawyer in Parkersburg, WV, contact Dunbar & Fowler PLLC. Motorcycle riders often sustain severe injuries and face an intense medical recovery. Richard Dunbar and Dan Fowler offer experience throughout West Virginia and Ohio. If a motorcycle accident leaves you facing repairs and physical healing, speak with us today to review your options.

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Our Trustworthy Lawyers Help Injured Riders Obtain Compensation

With extensive legal experience, our attorneys have built a strong reputation amongst our clients in West Virginia and Ohio. If you have suffered severe injuries in a motorcycle crash, we will provide responsive advice in pursuing damage awards, including:

  • Medical Expenses: We will develop a comprehensive case as you seek payment for medical costs.
  • Pain and Suffering: West Virginia law authorizes recovery for the hardship and discomfort you have dealt with.
  • Lost Wages: You can receive compensation for the income you lost due to missing work.

We work on a contingency basis so that you will not have to pay any fees until we win.

We Offer Knowledgeable Advice on Motorcycle Accident Litigation

Approximately 100,000 motorcycle riders suffer injuries annually in the United States, and more than 4,500 of them are killed. Unfortunately, pervasive biases against riders can prejudice courts and jurors. From start to finish, we will fight for your rights and get you support at each litigation stage, including:

  • Delivering powerful arguments at trial
  • Negotiating a favorable settlement when possible
  • Working with fact and expert witnesses to develop a compelling case

Motorcycle Accidents in Parkersburg, WV, and Beyond Require Legal Help

Dunbar & Fowler PLLC serves West Virginia and Ohio clients injured in motorcycle wrecks. Riders in an accident in and around Parkersburg, WV, face numerous hardships. You may need our Marietta, Ohio, motorcycle injury lawyer to deal with insurance companies and other factors after the accident. Having adequate legal assistance can benefit your recovery. Let our Parkersburg, WV, motorcycle injury lawyer help you today.
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