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When you need an experienced boating accident lawyer for the Ohio River area, count on Dunbar & Fowler PLLC. We are proud to call Parkersburg, WV, and the surrounding area our home. Many of our fellow residents enjoy time out on the water during the warm summer months. But this does not mean that there is no risk for accidents. If you or someone you love is in boating accident, call our office immediately. Our knowledgeable lawyers will look at your situation and determine the best path. Call us today at (304) 863-8430 to schedule your consultation.

Advocating for You When You Get Injured in an Ohio River Boating Accident

Who do you rely on when you get injured in a boating accident on the Ohio River? What about when someone you love passes away because of an injuries from a boating accident? The lawyers at Dunbar & Fowler will stand by you when times get tough. Our attorneys serve the residents of Marietta, Belpre, Lowell, and the surrounding areas. We know that the residents of these areas enjoy time out on the water.

Boating is one of the great ways to spend a summer day. But we know that accidents happen. Sometimes, boating accidents result in serious injuries, including from drunk driving and other carelessness. You need an advocate who will fight for your rights. Richard Dunbar and Daniel B. Fowler will stand by you when you need us during difficult times.

Do Not Wait to Contact Our Office When You Need Help

Collecting crucial evidence is key in proving your boating accident claim. That will help us determine how your injuries happened. Common causes are negligence, recklessness, or personal misconduct. We will guide all the way from your initial interview through settlement. Our attorneys will help you as you go through the settlement process.

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Do not hesitate after an accident to call our office. That will give you the best chance to get what you deserve under the law. Call our office today to schedule an appointment with a lawyer to discuss your boating accident on the Ohio River.

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