Ohio Trucking Accident Injury Lawyers

You Need Dunbar & Fowler in Your Corner After an Accident

After a tractor trailer caused your accident, you need our Ohio trucking accident injury lawyers in your corner. Your life can change instantly, or a loved one can lose their life in a trucking accident in Athens, Ohio. If you were injured, disabled, or hospitalized, or a loved one died because of a trucker, make those responsible pay. This is when you should turn to our Ohio trucking accident injury lawyers for tenacious and expert representation.

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Our Lawyers are Prepared to Battle for Marietta, Ohio, Residents

Our Ohio trucking accident injury lawyers are ready to go to battle for you in Marietta, Ohio. Our tenacity and experience propels us to fight for your rights against the trucking company’s team of lawyers. If you have suffered a debilitating injury in a trucking accident, or a loved died in the accident, seek justice quickly. Trucking companies are notorious for aggressively trying to disprove accident claims after one of their drivers caused a wreck. Our lawyers will be just as aggressive in representing you and seeking the compensation that you deserve.

Call Us Quickly After a Trucking Accident in Nelsonville, Ohio

If you sustain an injury in the accident in Nelsonville, Ohio, seek medical treatment right away. Call our law firm as soon as you are able to after your accident. If you do not, the evidence could disappear. In the meantime, do not talk to the trucking company’s insurance representative. Attorneys Rick Dunbar and Dan Fowler will immediately begin investigating and gathering evidence at the accident scene. Our team will provide a complete inspection of the truck, and reconstruct the accident to find out how the truck caused the wreck. You can trust us to cover every base, and uncover the truth in the trucking accident.

We Help Belpre, Ohio Drivers Get Their Just Compensation

There could be many excuses why the tractor trailer slammed into your car or pulled out in front of you. They could have been texting, or talking on the phone or CB. Maybe the driver was driving too fast on an icy or snow-covered road. The truck could have been overloaded. Maybe the driver fell asleep at the wheel, or was too tired to react quickly enough to a road situation. Whatever the reason is, it is not your fault that you are injured, hospitalized, paralyzed, and facing monster medical bills. Dunbar & Fowler will seek full compensation for you so you can move on with your life. 

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