Gas and Pipeline Truck Accident Lawyer
on Route 50

Dunbar & Fowler PLLC is Here for You After Gas and Pipeline Truck Accident

When you need a gas and pipeline truck accident lawyer on Route 50, trust Dunbar & Fowler PLLC. Were you recently in a gas and pipeline truck accident in the Parkersburg area? Are you dealing with serious injuries because of this event? You undoubtedly have medical bills to pay.

Do not go it alone in getting all the money you deserve. Our lawyers Richard Dunbar and Daniel B. Fowler know the law and will fight to get you compensation. Call us today at (304) 863-8430 to schedule an appointment to discuss your rights under the law.

Our Law Firm Takes Careful Consideration of Your Claims

Were the pipes in a gas line corroded? Were those pipelines damaged due to excavation or natural force? Did they cause serious injuries for you? You may deserve a large cash settlement. We know that the healing process can be difficult following an accident. Our lawyers’ dedication to detail will ensure you get all the resources you need. You need someone who knows the law fighting for you.

We Are Ready to Handle Every Aspect of Your Legal Claim

We will walk you through the situation and help you figure out where you stand. We know what West Virginia and Ohio laws allow. Being injured in accident can be a scary time for you in your life. Do not make the situation more difficult than it needs to be. Trust us to get the benefits that you deserve so you can focus on healing.

Reach Us Today to Discuss Your Current Situation

Let us stand with you while you are recovering from your injuries. Do you know what you deserve under the law? Contact our office today to schedule a consultation now and take the next step toward healing. We serve clients in West Virginia and Ohio.

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